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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trophy Guide

Tips & Strategies for Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trophy Guide:

ALL TROPHIES ARE IN XMB ORDER. Find which shrouded trophy you require in the request in which I have laid out this aide.

Unlike the past FFXIII, in this amusement if your boss falls in fight, the diversion programmedly updates guides to your other player to control. Assuming that both players fall in combat its amusement over

You can update your gathering guide throughout combat by selecting the "Change Leader" decision at the base. This is advantageous for utilizing both Noel and Serah's unique assaults in major fight.

Your gathering mechanically recuperates back to full, loses all status infirmities and restores any KOd elements after every fight, so don't stress over verifying most living breathing souls' totally restored if a fight is generally over.

All story identified Chapter trophies unlock at the starting of the following level after the motion picture cutscenes once you are in control of the go- to person.

Both elements will win the same CP to use leveling up, regardless of the fact that they aren't in your gathering

At the base of the aide, I have incorporated additional segments to help you with your platinum.

When you have fulfilled the diversion, and viewed the otherworldly outcome, your diversion will programmedly spare. At that focus when you reload your diversion you could be in the Historia Crux and can then do a reversal and complete of your platinum.

Get to know your Paradigms well and which work best for you at a young hour in the amusement. Towards the finish you will need the proposed in your lineup: Aggression, Relentless Assault, Tri- Disaster, Salvation, Cerberus or Tortoise.

You will observe a minor image alongside the Paradigm name, depending on if you press on it, you can modify your ideal model assault mode. I propose utilizing the "cross" plan which could be meant with a "X" for example Aggression X which will make all your gathering strike the same creature when fighting a manager with different beasts with him.

In the event that you are playing with the amusement, and get to a focus where things are barely too demanding, the time it now, chance to power level. Don't be demoralized, it happen's whenever you play a RPG. At the point that you power level drop back the inverse bearing and pick adversaries that are gainful to power level from. Effortless fight with great CP.

Your beasts might be fueled up by leveling them in the crystarium. Be that as it may they don't appropriate CP, you level them by giving them materials would have been wise to level up.

Your beasts can other be "Infused" with different beasts. This methods they will assimilate the other creature and addition some of their capacities. At the point that you are mixing, any expertise with a red bolt cannot be studied. Be that as it may all else, incorporating spells could be studied by the revamped beast.

To utilize the unlockable PS3 subjects you should institute topic from the diversion menu and not from your XMB.


Finish the primary storyline of the amusement.

Unlock and enact the Rolling in CP, Monster Collector, Encounter Master and Battlemania Fragment Skills from the Mystic at Serendipity by finishing the vital prerequisites.

Gather all sections. This incorporates all Paradox Ending pieces. Recover the Academic Rank: Monster Professor for final. You may as well inadvertantly unlock numerous different trophies in the way wiping out the requirement for grinding and cleanup later.

Gather any remaining creatures you require for the Academic Rank: Monster Professor. This will unlock the Defragmented trophy.

Replay the last combat to see the Secret Ending. This will unlock the Anomalous trophy and in addition the Chronosavior in the event that you haven't unlocked the trophy yet.

Cleanup any 5 star combat and different trophies you have remaining.


This is a Story Based Trophy

Revamped Bodhum 003 AF

After the beginning opening of the diversion, which was out of this world BTW , you will take control of Serah in New Bodhum. Take after the excercise as it takes you outside to see the sunny shore under assault. You can now be familiar with some elements from FFXIII, incorporating the attractive March 2010 Platmate, Lebreau . After certain cutscenes, take control of Serah and move around the sunny shore taking out the swarms Meonektons and Nektons striking the humble village. I propose utilizing Slash & Burn or Double Trouble as you are battling. This is fundamentally an excercise zone and each of the beasts are particularly straightforward. Once the beach is cleared the fight will close and the trophy will unlock.

After the combat is over, your unique target can be to examine the meteor accident locale. There can be some foes in the way, however nothing major. you may as well really have the capacity to amass a considerable few elixirs and phoenix downs around there as the foes appear to drop them a considerable measure. Depending on if you figure out how to get an Iron Bangle from one of your combat, furnish it to give yourself a moment 10% HP expand. When you achieve the meteor accident locale you will have a combat with Gogmagog which we will blanket underneath. After the combat you will gain your first Fragment and a different excercise will begin.

After the first Gogmagog experience, you will wake up back at home. Invest some time chatting with the majority of people to see how every thinking individual is getting along, then move outside. Your afterward target is to find a different Artefact to open the Gate to move. When you can do this, you will have a few little missions that are to find Serah's tangibles that have been shrouded everywhere. You can find Lightning's Knife close to the rocks by the passageway to the village, Snow's Necklace might be procured by chatting with the kid with the address percolate over his head in the aggregation of kids by your house then afterward pursuing him until you acquire the thing and at last, Snow, Serah's Cat might be considered by heading to the right side of the village until Mog's pink bobble on his head lights up and he runs of to a pack of felines. Head over to the felines and a different pursue starts.

When you have every last one of the several Artefacts, head back to your room and investigate the shining reflect in your room and you will gain the Artefact. Notwithstanding head back to the meteor accident sit to start a second combat with Gogmagog. After this fight there could be an additional cutscene and you can now pick to passageway the territory, or hold up. There are a couple Side Missions you can do before you go, yet you can return to this territory at any focus later in the event that you might rather keep on with your story. Provided that you pick to attempt some side missions, please see the Defragmented trophy for a record of the missions and where to find them.


Gogmagog will truly strike you twice in this mission and none, of these time exhibits much of a test. For the first fight he actually doesn't do much of something. I suggest utilizing the Slash & Burn standard to drive up his Chain Gauge to a stagger to make the fight go by snappier. He will assault you with essential assaults that shouldn't bring down an excess of HP depending on if you haven't been dismissing updating your Crystarium. Carry on this assault until you see an onscreen immediate for Swipe whenever you see this, press the and movement to the Twin Shields ideal model to minimize your harm. Provided that for some excuse for why you don't update in time, after you have updated utilize your Potions to recuperate. In particular, you need to get back to your ambush as fast as could be expected under the circumstances soon after your chain measure drains. Whenever you fill his chain measure and Stagger him, update to the Double Trouble ideal model and unleash the wrath with twin Commandos. This will for the most part likely than not take two staggers to cut him down. in any case shouldn't take more than 5 mins or thereabouts.

The second combat is even more effortless in my sentiment. Gogmagog will appropriate another capability this time however. At the starting of the fight, he will throws a Casualty Barrier in himself counteracting him from being harmed. The objective in this fight is to drive him to stagger as instantly as could be allowed as it will drop his Barrier. I prescribe utilizing the Dualcasting standard to drive up the check speedily utilizing two Ravagers, however you can utilize the Slash & Burn standard too. Much like final time, ensure yourself from the Swipe strike and once he staggers update to Double Trouble and provided that you have been fighting a great deal you ought to have the ability to close him in one stagger this time.

This is a Story Based Trophy

Bresha Ruins 005 AF

Assuming that you played the Demo, you could presently be acquainted with this range. The starting of the part will throw you into an instantaneous combat with Paradox Alpha, and this trophy will unlock at the starting of the combat. After the fight you could be confined by the military presence here. Before long an exuberant adolescent young lady will bail you out of penitentiary and you are unlimited to start investigating. Meander around in this unique range and banter with individuals to comprehend where you are and pay a visit to Chocolina in the upper walkway close to the passageway. At the time that you are finalized talk with Alyssa again to gain the Academy Communicator to continue. Notwithstanding head by way of the gatekeeper station and climb the stairs to launch the following fight. Once this fight closures, you will gain an excercise on Monster Taming and how to utilize your tamed Monsters as a part of battle.

Right away keep on in the way and you will discover the first Gate for this territory. Here you can obtain two side businesses from the gatekeepers. Above all vitally talking with one of the gatekeepers around there will give you the Moogle Hunt Ability which you can utilize by pressing the to make the out of stage protests in the diversion accessible to you. When you are fulfilled head towards the tunnels and you will have the decision of either living out the tunnels, or heading to the left around the tunnels towards the jefe. I suggest heading by way of the tunnels for plunder and for CP grinding. In the event that you have embraced the side missions ready you can discover a percentage of the vital prerequisites inside the proposed tunnels. When you are fulfilled, head advance to the following cutscene.

After the Cutscene, DON'T attempt to on Atlas yet. Head towards him and afterward backtrack up a little slope to another region. At the convergence around there, depending on if you go left you will discover the Ghast for your side missions and to the right will take you to the control system for Atlas. As you methodology, you will experience your first Paradox Anomaly[ baffle. The proposed might be pretty basic or even to a degree challenging. Possibly way, I will give methodology.


Part 1: Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up.

Part 2: Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up. Up, Right, Up

Part 3: Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up

When you are fulfilled, utilization the machine to debilitate Atlas making him a simple target. Presently head back with the path towards Atlas. when assuming Atlas I propose having a Ravager, Commando and Medic ready as Monsters for your Paradigms and verify you utilize your Crystarium to update them and give them capabilities and HP. The Hoff ran into combat with a Zwerg Scandroid, Hoplite and Cait Sith.

After the fight, Chocobos are accessible so you can briskly move around provided that you decide on to utilize them. Here you begin in, you can discover the Eclipse Artefact to unlock the Gate close Chocolina that heads to Yaschas Massif 010 AF. On the way towards the door, stop at the tunnel that is shut off with bars close to the pathway that prompts the machine that debilitated Atlas, and utilize the Moogle Hunt to gather the Reunion Artefact that is within the bars. This will unlock the door that accelerates the Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF zone that is spotted within the tunnels close you. Right away you have a decision to make. The right way and the story way you should carry on down first is into Yaschas Massif, HOWEVER, you can head into Sunleth Waterscape and gather the Moogle Throw Ability to gather things prior. Provided that you are considering accompanying way, verify your gathering is honestly solid and attempt to a Pulse Knight to utilize as a Sentinelin the combat as you drop around there. Possibly way, the story carries on.

Conundrum Alpha

This fight is quite effortless. Begin with Slash & Burn to think about driving up the Stagger check. The Alpha has a few strike, however nothing overly compelling. Depending on if you observe yourself getting into inconvenience, utilize Potions to cure yourself, then keep up the drive to combat. There are 3 Cinematic Cutscenes throughout this combat and this is the FIRST of the 5 animals that you must acquire a Perfect Cinematic Rating onto get the Trigger Finger trophy. For additional data please see the trophy underneath. After the first Cinematic closures, update your ideal model to Double Trouble as Noel will have staggered the arm. From this, do whatever it takes to assault steady until you achieve the second Cinematic. Presently verify you don't put your controller down as a third cinematic will start in the blink of an eye which will stamp the finish of the combat.

Chart book

Following debilitating the relentless Atlas, this combat is a joke. Begin with either Delta Attack for the safer system or Relentless Assault depending on if you would give anything to live perilously, and deal with driving Atlas to the Stagger zone. In the event that you cause harm, you can consistently switch to Diversity for a speedy recuperate, or utilize your Potions. Whenever you hit stagger, update to Cerberus and utilize your consolidated power of triple Commandos to complete Atlas off briskly. Provided that for some excuse for why you would not be able to complete him on the first stagger, basically switch back your first standards and keep on the attack. There is 1 long Cinematic Cutscene at the close of this fight and this is the SECOND of the 5 animals that you must get a Perfect Cinematic Rating onto get the Trigger Finger trophy. For additional information please see the trophy underneath. Also, you can likewise accomplish the Scarlet Medal opposite the debilitated Atlas. For additional insight on this trophy please see the trophy beneath.

This is a Story Based Trophy

Yaschas Massif 010 AF

Head by way of the entryway to Yaschas Massif 010 AF and at the starting of the level, chat with the specialist over and again to get the Map of Yaschas Massif and the trophy will unlock. Right away head down the gulches and when you get to the open field, the scientist will encourage you to stay in the light. Depending on if you venture out of the light, you will promptly work toward getting struck by Feral Behemoths. Benevolently these aren't strong to any detectable degree and are an awesome course to acquire CP while your gathering is still comparatively powerless and you will in the end get a Behemoth Fang from the fight which you will need for a destiny side mission. In addition, the Feral Behemoths are fantastic Commandos to utilize for a weaker gathering.. In this open territory, gather the Tablet of Paddra on the right side of the dimness, then head towards the Chocolina. To the right of the Chocolina, you will see a heightened ledge. Hurl your Moogle up there more than once until he discovers the Fruit if Fenrir, which you will need for later. Right away keep on by way of the Pass of Paddra until you achieve the following Chocolina. Chat with the young lady standing there and you will trigger a chief combat with Aloedai. When he falls, head into the Ruins and converse with Hope and Alyssa and they will give you the Hollow Artefact. When you have completed every last one of the dialogues with them, there are a couple side vocations you can finish by bantering individuals in the Ruins, then head to the waypoint on your guide and utilize the Artefact to open the door and continue to Oerba 200 AF


The Aloedai, isn't much tougher than Gogmagog in my supposition. In the event that you haven't used the whole starting of the amusement fleeing from every one of the creatures such as a little bitch with a cleaned knee, this battle can be moderately short. Begin the fight off in Relentless Assault and mallet off with your double Ravagers to carry the Aloedai to stagger. Depending on if you have Noel controlled up enough to be an adequate Ravager, you might likewise utilize Tri- Disaster as an alternate option, yet you ought to be centering on his Commando roles first. Whenever you get Aloedai to stagger, update to Aggression and you ought to have the ability to complete Aloedai in one stagger. Assuming that for some excuse for why you don't, before you begin your afterward run, update to Combat Clinic with Noel filling in as your Sentinel to perform a brisk mend before ambushing. The Hoff utilized, Zwerg Scandroid, Feral Behemoth and Cait Sith as his beast bundle for this fight.

Oerba 200 AF

Oerba is the sunny beachside village that Vanille and Fang once called home. Tragically, Oerba in this course of events and as you will figure out in further exporation has been attacked by Paradox Anomalies. Snatch the Giant Egg section by the beginning stage, then head towards the extension and the first peculiarity. Tolerantly, every one of the several abnormalities that you face in this Oerba time period are Crystal Bonds trials, which IMO are the most straightforward and most fun of the trials. Essentially associate the hued precious stones to one another to make star groupings on the tiles to finish every level. There are no side journeys ready in this time period, however there are some tolerable things you can get from plundering the midsections in the village. When you have gathered and restored each of the zones of Oerba, head down to the Ashensand, then turn left and head to the top of the Shoolhouse. Test the Oracle Drive on the top to start a cutscene and your first combat with Caius Ballad. Once the combat finishes you will accept the Artefact of Origins to unlock the door to head to Yaschas Massif 01X AF.

Caius Ballad

This first fight with Caius will without a doubt leave you supposing, "Lightning was actually having some major difficulty decimating this n00b?". This is beyond question the weakest form of Caius and inasmuch as you have been leveling up and engaging each of the adversaries that assault you can close this fight quite instantly. I prescribe an absolutely combative ambush opposite Caius in this fight. Begin off in either Relentless Assault or Tri- Disaster and get him to Stagger rapidly, then update to either Cerberus or Aggression and finalize him off. You ought to have the ability to bring him down in one stagger, however if not, either carry on the strike or do a snappy switch to Discretion for a fast mend. The Hoff utilized, Zwerg Scandroid, Feral Behemoth and Cait Sith as his beast bundle for this combat.

Yaschas Massif 01X AF

This could be your first visit into the same area at a substitute course of events, which can now be act for with a "X" to mean that the course of events has been updated. It shouldn't be befuddling, yet assuming that it is, barely contemplate what happens in Back to the Future part 2 when Marty comes back to his house in 1985 after Biff had gained the Sports Almanac that he used to update the course of events, that might be thought about Hilldale 198X. This outing to Yaschas Massif is exceptionally uneventful. When you arrive, head straight to the remains and converse with Hope. Finish every bit of the fundamental exchanges and the bars could be evacuated in the Ruins. When you have finalized, head to the top of the Command Center zone, and utilize Moogle Hunt to discover the Mysterious Artefact. This might be utilized to open the door at the Southeast purpose of the guide where the waypoint marker is situated. When heading to the following area, there are some side missions that could be finished here, and some of which you will as of now have the materials to finish. Converse with the folks in the vestiges to find them and gain parts. There are no jefes to combat around there, so once you are finished take off to the following territory.

Notwithstanding you have a different decision. The waypoint entryway will lead you to your first experience with the Void Beyond ??? besides the door in the fields of the Pass of Paddra will lead you to Augusta Tower 300 AF. You don't need to finish Augusta Tower yet and you will go here for the standard story mode so don't hesitate to hold up until a later time, then again, depending on if you are fascinated by a preferred Medic for your creature space, the Flanitor that exists here is one of the best doctors in the amusement assuming that you can catch one.

Right away that being declared, in the event that you do go here first soon after the Void, you will at some focus need to return and unlock this door to the Void Beyond to move later in the diversion

For our walkthrough, we will head to the Void Beyond ??? AF.

The Void Beyond ??? AF

MMMMMM the Void Beyond. The spot where unequaled stops. There is unquestionably nothing to do here as of right now in the story. Listen to the convo, then head go into the entryway to keep on.

This is a Story Based Trophy

Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF

To get to Sunleth Waterscape, you will head with the door placed in the tunnels in Bresha Ruins 300 AF. At the starting of the fight you will promptly inch toward getting hurled into a fight with the Royal Ripeness, which as of right now in the store might be an enormous torment. You will moreover unlock this trophy at the begin of the level. After you have thrashed him address Snow to get the guide of the zone, then head onto the Animal Trail to ride the brute by way of the region. In the event that you haven't as of now studied it yet, you will know pick up Moogle Throw which can be vital for finishing your platinum. After you get off, don't hesitate to investigate and get the same number things as you can, there are no side mission to this territory, yet numerous concealed midsections. Drive forward to the waypoint, and you will experience a combat with some Miniflan that will appear pointless after the Royal Ripeness. When crushed, they will give you the Combat Artefact which you will unlock the door at the precise close to get to the Coliseum ??? AF.

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