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Complete final fantasy xiii-2 achievements ps3

Here are the complete final fantasy xiii-2 achievements ps3 we provided for you.

Appraised Difficulty: 3.82/10 with 65 votes (Aeliana Estimate: 3/10).

Surmised time Platinum: 40- 60 hours (time Aeliana: 58 clock).

Least number of members confounded: 1

Trophies Posts: 32 (19 [Bronze Trophy], 6 [Silver Trophy], 6 [Gold Award], 1 [Platinum Trophy]).

Connected trophies: 0

Challenges Trophies: Fair Fighter [Gold Award].

Trophies: 0 glitched, yet to play in the notes to see.

Trophies: 0 missable, yet to play in the notes to see.


This guide and Trophy Guide was initially on the Japanese form of Final Fantasy XIII- 2. So when the English form is discharged, it will unavoidably contrasts in a portion of the adversaries name, component, place names, et cetera, in a manner, being as how I question that Square Enix could be "open gems" under discovered as "Ooparts" in the English form. [Stabbing Tongue] When the time comes, I will rely on the group, please gave me a chance to know which name ought to be adapted. Leave me a note in this string or a welcome inform and I will update at the nearest conceivable opportunity.

At the time that the first Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII- 2 accompanies a special subject for the XMB, which unlock as you gain trophies, and are in the principle menu under "something extraordinary." Moreover, as the first Final Fantasy XIII, the instatement of the proposed issues and, previous in the amusement - not before - can unlock certain trophies, regardless of the fact that the conditions are met. Right to be protected, leave the diversion after instatement of the proposed issues or not plague with them until you get the Platinum.

At last, note that you are not Final Fantasy XIII Save File to play (and Platinum) Final Fantasy XIII- 2. What's more on account of Final Fantasy XIII- 2 is truth be told non- straight, and supports investigation than its ancestor, I suggest getting the official guide Beastiary section and documentation necessities, maps et cetera are likely valuable device the course to the plate. It is a trophy guide, not a complete answer.

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Step # 1 (20- 30 hours) - Finish the fundamental story

Firstly, to every one of the trophies not counting Fair [Gold Award] get the Easy trouble. You can update the trouble in the alternatives at whenever, so provided that you need to expand the pace of [Platinum Trophy] and whatever challenge that could be trouble Easy from the get- go and the time is now's for honest- warrior [Gold Award].

There is no compelling reason to stress excessively over the trophies in that time, play just at the finish of the essential story and delight in. You can unlock the emulating trophies Related Stories:

Early Riser [Bronze Trophy] (Start Episode 1)

Time Traveler [Bronze Trophy] (Start Episode 2)

Future Espier [Bronze Trophy] (Starting request 3A)

Past Gazer [Bronze Trophy] (Starting request 3B)

Facer risk [Bronze Trophy] (begin Episode 4)

Sooth Seeker [Bronze Trophy] (begin Episode 5)

Pledge Keepers [Bronze Trophy] (Start Episode 6)

Epic fulfill [Gold Award] (Beat the primary story)

Notwithstanding the above, moreover made their direction to the closure of the primary story:

Maturing Hunter [Silver Trophy] (Defeat 100 foes)

No Retreat [Bronze Trophy] (Win 50 battles w / o reiteration)

Quickdraw [Bronze Trophy] (Run 50 preemptive ambushes)

Spreading [Bronze Trophy] (50 Stagger foes)

Wild Thing [Bronze Trophy] (100 connections Wilder focuses)

Likewise, on the course to the closure of the principle story, provided that you can be regarding the ranks of the manager battle pick aggressive, you can recover time and thump

Triggerfinger [Silver Trophy] (5 Bonus Rewards picture in scenes 2- 4)

Red Medal [Bronze Trophy] (5 star rank on a jefe in Episode 2)

Cerulean Medal [Bronze Trophy] (5 star rank on a jefe in Episode 4)

Award of obsidian [Bronze Trophy] (5 star rank on a chief in Episode 6)

Chronosavior [Gold Award] (5 star rank on the final jefe in Episode 6)

In this step, attempt to get the same and as frequently as you can, don't stroll far from combat to battle, 100% adversary report a necessity for one of the sections (see step 2 and Defragmented [Gold Trophy] trophy). In addition to investigate all corners of the cards, you might as well Rocks resumption of the locale (in particular in boxes) to inversion time later and 100% report find finish a foe card 100% of every bit of the area is in addition an essential for not one, however ten parts. They likewise adore relics (precious stone blue entryways open) as you investigate, don't utilize it so thoughtless and inferred from other than step 2. At long last, check the irregular Trophy] trophy assuming that you can (and might as well) procure Final Paradox # 1 in arriving at Episode 5

Step # 2 (20- 30 hours) - Dog Defragmented [Gold Award]

Notwithstanding you have finished the essential story, you need to converse with the young lady in Chocobo Serendipity on the "scope Catch 22" piece of forces. Scope Paradox Endings recoveries as a feature of a more significant objective: the Defragmented [Gold Award] grant.

There are 160 pieces in the accumulation of Final Fantasy XIII- 2. About ~ 40 or thereabouts will characteristically head off to the closure of the fundamental story, then it is entirely non- straight ~ 120 riches chase sidequest around there went by before and twelve other, which could be gained entrance to by opening the entryways with blue Artifacts insane. See [Gold Award] Defragmented trophy for additional informative content.

In this step you will:

Divided [Silver Trophy] (Collect all Category 1 section)

Enormous Game Hunter [Silver Trophy] (Immortal Defeat, Long Gui, Ochu and Yomi: commitment for 4 sections)

Strange Trophy] (See 8 Paradox Endings: 8 sections needed for, and the puzzle has been gathered by the close of 160 specimens)

Defragmented [Gold Award] (Collect 160 cuts)

In addition the above, made their route to the 160 pieces:

Step 3  final fantasy xiii-2 achievements ps3 - Clean (if essential)

As of right now, you are still a couple trophies that are not needed to finish the essential story and gather each of the 160 parts:

Stop the time [Bronze Trophy] (100 THEREFORE IAL make preemptive strikes SE)

Saddle Sore [Bronze Trophy] (not all treks 10,000 a Chocobo)

Supremebeing [Silver Trophy] (Reach level 99 in 6 rolls)

Mammoth Tamer [Gold Award] (Don Tonberry Befriend)

Just Fighter [Gold Award] (Raspatil Defeat on Normal challenge)

Titan Fist [Gold Award] (Offer 99999 harm in a lone assault)

Point to the distinct trophies for strategies for example these (and any alternates that you may even now need) to get.

Good fortunes, and delight in Final Fantasy XIII- 2!

[PS3T thank Aeliana this Roadmap]

Choco- boco-holic

Used a fortune in the shops. (3)

Use what added up to 100,000 gil in the diversion long and boutiques Chocorina money changer at the clubhouse, Serendipity, able for this honor. Note that as opposed to excuse Final Fantasy XIII, Gil after every fight in Final Fantasy XIII- 2.

You may as well have won what added up to 100,000 gil for the closure of the primary story, if not long after. Assuming that you need to accelerate the appropriation of this trophy, right to advertise all your things and supplies up to 100,000 gil. Use enough to unlock the trophy Gil, load a past reinforcement (the misfortune of Gil Restore).

Stop the ticker

A speedy reaction to the presence of adversaries. (42)

100 S CONSEQUENTIAL make preemptive strikes E to score this trophy (see Quickdraw [Bronze Trophy] for additional informative content about preemptive strikes). The 100 ought to be on one line, on the grounds that the time is up, or an adversary hits you, to put back to 0.

It is conceivable that this trophy might be finished, obviously, however I independently needed to toil, it took a little over a hour. I propose the west side of the steppe Archylte since the foes are actually timid and don't surge, unlike different parts w / forceful foes like Vile Peaks. An additional proposed post is AF200 Oerba Village.


Spread a hefty number of adversaries. (4)

Move ~ 100 or more adversaries (I'm not confident regarding the definite number of trophies, however it is minor). As in the first Final Fantasy XIII Enemies might be repaid by expanding the greatest Stagger meter, which altogether expands harm multiplier Christmas and Serah strike. Furthermore moreover, as in the first Final Fantasy XIII ideal model transformation in the part of Ravager to stagger adversaries swiftly.

Depending on if the grass Hunter [Silver Trophy], turn around [Bronze Trophy] simply unlocked for me in section 2, and it was the fifth trophy that I have in the amusement.


Beginning with an impressive number of preemptive strikes. (5)

Perform preventive strikes ~ 100 or somewhere in the vicinity (I'm not positive concerning the careful number of this trophy, yet it is minor). Besides notes that unlike the Clock Stopper [Bronze Trophy], they don't need to be successive Once the adversaries bring forth, press [X] to lessen the sword early for a preemptive strike. Noel and Serah an unlimited- kick (and speed) as the combat starts granted.

Assuming that the grass Hunter [Silver Trophy] Quickdraw [Bronze Trophy] is effortless, it shut for me in section 2, and it was the sixth trophy that I have in the diversion.

Wild Thing

Truly utilized Feral Link capabilities a huge number of times. (5)

Utilizing ~ 100 Feral Link capabilities for this trophy. Left wild creatures can utilize the [Square] bind (if the meter is totally Wilder connection) might be performed while in combat. You have fell flat QTE efficacious in the QTE wild Wilder Link does not incorporate the needed 100 ~.

At the point that utilizing Feral Link capabilities as regularly as you can, this trophy itself, Wild Thing [Bronze Trophy] unlocked for me in 4th Episode

No Retreat

Battled various fight without utilizing the "Retry" alternative. (1)

Spare ~ 100 fight or more (I'm not positive regarding the definite number of this trophy, yet it is humble). Besides don't utilize the "Repeat" alternative

Unlocked up to No Retreat [Bronze Trophy], I infer you come back to the title screen, if / when a fight is lost, instead of attempt again. In the event that the grass Hunter [Silver Trophy], it is basic for me it is unlocked in Chapter 2, and it was the fourth trophy, which I have in the diversion.


Presented a mixed bag of ideal models. (13)

Ideal model change Enter ~ 1000 for this trophy. Standard transformation from the [L1], while battling.

As ideal model change - right in the event that - the heart of the battle framework, the distance up to 1000, obviously ~ Maxing Christmas and Serah for Supremebeing [Silver Trophy]. There is practically zero need for sanding or stress, yet has on account of ~ 1000 countless outlook changes, strategist [Bronze Trophy] will unlock just a couple hours following finishing the principle story.

Maturing Hunter

Crushed an armed force of foes. (9)

"Reports most modest armed force in the globe" might be a preferable depiction, no more than ~ 100 or thereabouts foes need this trophy.

Maturing Hunter [Silver Trophy] unlocked for me in Episode 1, and it was the second trophy I have the amusement. Just the thrashing of the foes as you advancement with the fundamental story impending and it is.

Trophies insider facts

Bosses of Time

Aced the course of events and got each trophy ready. (26)

(This trophy opens lightning subject for the XMB).

Early riser

Consented to another destiny in a globe where every last thing has adapted.

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